Dumgoyne Hill Run…We did it!

So As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, me and Euan have been keeping up our weekly hill run up Dumgoyne hill. We started this torturous weekly ritual 5 weeks ago and have been mixing it into our schedule for pre-winter training.

Every week we would return, unmotivated simply by the thought of having to go through the pain of running up it again. We would eventually manage to conjure up the courage to leave the heat of the car and brave the autumn morning’s cold. We would start running from the lay-by just up the road from the Glengoyne distillery and run to the trig-point that marks the summit as fast as our legs could take us. After what would always feel like an eternity of heavy breathing and legs that felt like they were filled with battery acid, we would collapse onto the summit. Every time, before checking the timer, we would catch our breath and laugh at how bad it felt this week and that we couldn’t possibly have been faster. Every week we were proven wrong, having knocked off several minutes off our previous time.

I guess the saying is true. It never gets easier. You just get faster.

This trend continued until last week we were down to a time of 21:12 from car to summit. We set ourselves the challenge of hitting sub-twenty minutes, thinking it would require a few more weeks with every second getting harder and harder to knock off the faster we got. Yesterday we managed to finally break that record with our personal record of 19 minutes and 52 seconds. Pleased doesn’t even come close to how it feels to beat our long-term goal. Not only to show that we could actually manage sub-twenty (running the whole thing without stopping seamed like an impossibilty a few weeks ago) but also to prove that our hard work and training had paid off.

Me slightly worse for wear after our sub-20 summit.

Me slightly worse for wear after our sub-20 summit.