About me!

My name is Willis Morris.

I’m 19 years old, I live in Glasgow and I’m obsessed with climbing!

I grew up in the countryside of Somerset in southern England with my mum and two sisters. Living locally to the geologically famous Cheddar gorge and caves, my outdoor surroundings offered up many opportunities to an active and fit boy and from a young age I grew to love the outdoors. Whether it was simple things such as camping, fishing or hill walking, or the more extreme activities like caving and climbing I always had somewhere outdoors to have an adventure.

When I was eleven I moved the 500 miles north to live with my dad in the city of Glasgow. Living in the city, I lost the ability to enjoy the sort of outdoor adventures and activities I was used to having on my doorstep. One day my dad booked me onto a holiday programme being run by the Glasgow climbing centre…

This is how I was introduced to indoor climbing.

My love for climbing lead me past holiday programmes and one day sessions, to becoming totally obsessed with climbing. I began to practice three to four times a week and I started to vastly improve. This in turn lead me onto bigger and better things such as specific and focused training, competition climbing,  and eventually introduced me to the large spectrum of outdoor climbing. I even become a qualified climbing instructor after I left school which landed me a job in the Glasgow climbing centre where I now work.

At this time climbing surrounds my life. As a hobby, as a job and as a statement of who I am.  It’s taken me on trips to some of the most amazing places on earth, joined me with some awesome people and left me with memories that I’ll never forget. It’s not just about what I’ve done through climbing but what I plan to do that keeps me so excited  and enthusiastic about it. It’s a part of almost everything I do and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

For now I plan to continue to push my limits in every aspect of climbing and truly learn what it means to go beyond your limit.


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