well here goes nothing… my first post

Welcome to my blog!

As you’ve probably learnt from the big blue title (very proud of myself for finally managing to customise that), my name is Willis Morris and I like climbing… A lot!

Pretty simply I created this blog to have somewhere to store the day-to-day happenings of my climbing life. It’s a stash for all things climbing related and a place I’ll keep updated with my recent happenings…

Indoor, outdoor, sport, trad, drtyooling, winter, mixed, alpine, aid, training, endurance, strength, trips, holidays, stories, gear, suffering, pain, happiness, ascents, photos, food, banter, grades, fear, falling, summits, success….

Everything above and plenty more will become the topics of what I hope to include through this blog. Through some I’ll be learning, others rambling, and the rest probably just complaining!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, oh and please ignore the spelling mistakes         ( I never particularly paid much attention in english!!)